Red Stag Trophy Exotic Hunts
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Texas Exotic Hunting Ranch; Central Texas Exotic Trophy Hunting
Red Stag
Welcome To Rodina Ranč, LLC

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Exotic Hunts near Austin, San Antonio, Houston
Rodina Ranč has been owned and operated by the Vinklarek family since
before The Great Depression. We are located in the southwestern portion of
the Post Oak Savannah ecoregion of South Central Texas; less than 1 hour
from Austin, 1 1/2 hours from San Antonio and 2 hours from Houston.  We offer quality hunting opportunities for novice and veteran hunters alike.

In order to maintain the value of the hunting opportunities we provide to our
clients we offer a limited number of hunts each year and 3rd party
guides/outfitters ARE NOT allowed on our ranch.  As a Rodina Ranč client,
you deal directly with the folks responsible for owning, maintaining and
improving the quality of the animals you're hunting and your experience as a

  •  Simply Pricing - No “Trophy Fees, "Guide Fees" or any other Fees!  
     (The way it should be)

  •  Game Care (skinning/caping/quartering) are included in the hunt pricing

  •  Youth participation is welcomed and encouraged

  •  Out of State hunters are welcome

  •  Group discounts available

  •  On-site Bow/Rifle ranges

  •  Blood Dog available

  •  Walk-In Cooler on site

Rodina Ranč is game-proof fenced and stocked with a large variety of Exotics
and Whitetail Deer, fed year round, and managed under a game management
program approved by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The results
of our efforts can be seen in the quality of the animals that call our ranch

We currently offer hunting opportunities for Axis Deer, Black Buck Antelope,
Fallow Deer, and Red Stag.  For a complete list of available animals, please
visit our
Pricing page.